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Farm to Table Full Spectrum CBD


CannaHeist is a Farm to Table Full-Spectrum CBD company. 

 I’m Jewel Heist  and  I started CannaHeist in 2017.  My story is real and a little raw but that is why we are here today.  As a Crohn’s Disease patient for over 28yrs I’ve battled not just from the disease but also from pharmaceuticals caused adverse effects from cardiac arrest to  paralysis.  Opioids helped and became the only way I was able to go about my daily routine.  I became your typical opioid addict abusing my medication until my liver began failing.  I was given six months to live.


My refusal to accept the doctor's diagnosis made me go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Over several months I learned so much about my condition and my Crohn’s disease.  I was a non-responsive Crohn’s patient. Any modern western medicine available wouldn’t help, it was only going to make things worse.  To save my liver and my life I had to detox and stop taking opioids.  


Cannabis helped me achieve my goal of becoming opioid free. My level of daily pain was going to take more than a puff on a joint but I knew  smoking helped quickly on the pain and edibles helped me sleep. After my success with smoking and eating cannabis  I researched topicals and noticed that many of the products available were low potency and high priced as well as having chemical bi-products and dyes in them. 

I began making my own high potency topical lotions giving me relief from my muscle pain and joint pain.  Even the extreme pain from detoxing which doesn't just go away after the opioids out of your system.  The pain lingers for months.  I couldn't believe the relief I received.  I was amazed and I wanted to share my joy with others. 


In 2018 I got the chance to team up with Dreadfully Kind.  I was lucky to harvest  the hemp flower myself so I can tell every customer how clean and safe my products are. Building a lasting business relationship and friendship with Dreadfully Kind guarantees I’m  able to make Full-Spectrum hemp products that maximize bioavailability, increasing the entourage effect and have all natural ingredients.  


Please take a few minutes to check out my products by going to cannaheist20.com or like me on Facebook www.facebook.com/cannaheist20 or www.facebook.com/dreadfullykind  We are here to help in any way, if you have questions please feel free to ask.  

Cannaheist is growing and we are continuously adding products!  Stick around to see how we grow!!