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Welcome to CannaHeist, we are a Farm to Table Full-Spectrum CBD wellness and beauty products company.  I’m Jewel Heist, Owner of CannaHeist. I started CannaHeist in 2017.  My story is real and a little raw but is why we are here today.  I'm a Crohn’s Disease patient and have battled it for over 28yrs.  With many pharmaceuticals causing adverse effects from cardiac arrest to paralysis, and so much more.  Opioids became the only way I was able to go about my daily routine.  I became your typical opioid addict abusing my medication.  As life has its ways of throwing curveballs, I was on the verge of striking out.  My liver began failing,  I was given six months.  

I refused to accept the diagnosis. I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN for several months.  Learned so much about my condition and my Crohn’s disease.  I was a non-responsive Crohn’s patient which basically means that any medication given wouldn’t help just make things worse.  To save my liver I had to start detoxing off opioids.  

Cannabis was the only thing that was able to help me achieve my goal of becoming opioid free.  During my journey I knew there was more to smoking or ingesting it .  As I researched topicals I noticed that there were lots of them with bi-products and dyes. I began making my own topical lotions to relieve muscle pain and joint pain.  Pain from detoxing doesn't just go away after you get the opioids out of your system, The pain lingers for months.  My pain never goes away unfortunately all I can do is control it.   I couldn't believe the relief I received.  I was amazed!  If I could get relief from the topical then I knew others could benefit. I gave samples to everyone I could.   When I actually  saw the difference it made in so many people's lives it made I wanted to do better and take it “Back to Nature”   to help as many people as I could. 

In 2018 I got the chance to team up with Dreadfully Kind.  I was lucky enough to work in the fields with the hemp flower and build a lasting friendship with them.  Being able to collaborate on projects and bring the best cbd products we can.  

Please take a few minutes to check out my products by going to or like me on Facebook or  We are here to help in any way, if you have questions please feel free to ask.  

Cannaheist is growing and we are continuously adding products!  Stick around to see how we grow!! 

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