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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Best damn lotion Ive ever used on my hands---Smokeywiththepipes

I like the smell a lot,very therapeutic. I like the glide oily but with the shea butter it helps is spread. I use it for pain or inflammation in my ankles/feet and lower back and lady parts....Rebecca

To say this lotion works is a massive understatement, I've used this to treat everything from back pain to the swelling in my hands, even tooth pain. There have been many days that were it not for this product, I wouldn't have not been able to work. So it truly has ensured my quality of life.....Chris W

Happy Customer, After trying man different CBD lotions most of which had no effect finally this one, CannaHeist works every time. Not only does it feel great as it quickly absorbs into your skin but it leaves you free from the unpleasant odors that some products have. Great for daily us on reoccurring aches and pains or on muscles after working out. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a busy mom you will find this lotion, CannaHeist has many uses for all members of your family....Lisa

CannaHeist lotion is by far the best infused lotion I've ever used. Not only does the butter truly alleviate my pain wherever is use it i.e. feet, hands, teeth, and pelvis area when menstruating, but it also quickly reduces swelling which's helps me heal faster. Only a tiny amount is needed to cover a large area of the body. I can tell you this product was created out of a lot of thought and love. Thanks Jewels!....Tiffany

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