CBD Pain Relief Topical

CBD Pain Relief Topical


All Organic Ingrediants!   Pain Creme is known for its:

Pain relief from swelling and arthitis. 

Alleviates dry skin and eczema.

Improves muscle stiffness and stimulates relaxation.  

Can be used for Sunscreen due to enriched amounts of VIt E and F.

Can be used to help clear up diaper rash and minor burns.

Help to alleviate tooth pain.

Use before Radiation Treatments.

Used for Detoxing

Used Bell's palsy

 ****4oz container****


Ingrediants:  African Shea, CBD Infused Mango Butter, CBD Infused Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, Helichrysum oil, Lemon essential oil, and Orange Essential Oil 

  • Directions

    Apply and rub generous amount over areas of pain 


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  • Size


  • MG

    340 mg  Full Spectrum CBD